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Complete Optometry provide a range of services including Eye tests and examinations, contact lenses, eye tests for children, and more. Friendly attentive service is our MO. Call us or simply call in (02) 4352 1298.

An eye test with Complete Optometry will assess your vision and eye health, allowing for early detection of any possible problems. Complete Optometry eye tests are a gentle examination that give you advice on treatments to support & preserve your vision.

Complete Optometry provide you with the best lens options for your eyes. Our contact lens consultations will measure you for the right contact lenses for you. Whether you’re new or experienced at wearing contact lenses, Complete Optometry can help.

A routine eye check-up for children is important in detecting any vision problems early. A child’s eye test with Complete Optometry is a safe, comfortable, and easy experience for your child. Eye disorders are one of the most common long-term health problems of children, affecting their development, learning, and social experience too.

Glaucoma, Macula, Cataracts

We check for eye diseases and conditions during our comprehensive eye examinations. As eye diseases and conditions become more prevalent with age it is important to have an eye check-up every two years, particularly once over the age of 40. If necessary, we can refer you to an ophthalmologist for further assessment & treatment.

We supply a wide range of quality brands of spectacles, glasses & sunglasses. Once your eye assessment has determined the right lens for you, our team can assist you in finding the perfect frame for style & comfort. 

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that can range in severity. Complete Optometry can provide you an accurate diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan so that this condition can be successfully managed.

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