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Providing quality eyecare, eyewear, and optometry services, Complete Optometry is a trusted privately owned and run practice, committed to delivering caring, friendly & knowledgeable service to your family.

Patrizia (Trish) Ranieri is the principal optometrist at Complete Optometry Central Coast where she has been seeing patients since 2018 after she was appointed to support the then practice owner Optometrist Carl Emerton.


Established in 1982 Carl Emerton Optometrist has been a trusted name in optometry in the region for 40 years. In 2020 Carl Emerton Optometry became Complete Optometry Central Coast when Patrizia bought the Emerton’s Wyong practice. With Carl now retired Complete Optometry continues to honour his legacy as a leader in exceptional care in Optometry in the NSW Central Coast area.


From Carl Emerton Optometry to Complete Optometry

Carl Emerton and his wife Susie, moved from Adelaide to Wyong over 40 years ago, where they both have been an integral part of the community, not only via their successful Optometry practice, but through their involvement in local sport and the arts.


In 2018, Carl became unwell and was unable to practice Optometry. It was during the time of his treatment that Trish joined the practice to support Carl as the sole Optometrist. After running two successful practices, Carl & Susie closed the doors to their Wyoming practice in April 2020. Complete Optometry is proud to continue to care for the Wyoming patients with many still travelling to us because they love experiencing our dedicated care.


Today, Carl and his wife are retired, though Carl continues to be a mentor and friend to Trish and remains a great support of the practice, which he began 40 years ago. Together Carl, Trish and Jennine (the practice’s Optical Dispenser) have enjoyed renovating the clinic together as Complete Optometry, giving the practice a whole new look and feel.


Today, Complete Optometry is a modern and inviting practice that is well loved by the local community.

Phone us if you would like to make an appointment (02) 4352 1298 or simply come and say hi.

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