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Optometrist Patrizia Ranieri (Trish) is the principal at Complete Optometry Central Coast NSW, a well known and trusted establishment formerly known as Carl Emerton Optometrist Wyong. We offer an array of services as well as spectacles and sunglasses in a range of carefully selected styles. We look forward to welcoming you.

For appointments & enquiries call us on (02) 4352 1298

Optometrist near Toukley

For bookings call (02) 4352 1298

Optometrist Toukley Central Coast NSW

Optometrist near Toukley

Situated near Toukley, Complete Optometry is a highly regarded optometric clinic renowned for its exceptional services that cater to patients of all age groups. With a strong commitment to comprehensive eye assessments and  treatment, particularly for conditions like dry eyes, the experienced practitioners at Complete Optometry ensure that residents of Toukley receive unrivaled professional care.

Our Optometry Services include: 

Eye Tests & Examinations

Our eye tests, conducted with utmost care and gentleness, not only provide valuable insights into your vision but also offer expert advice on treatments and strategies to support and safeguard the longevity of your eyesight.

Children's Eye Tests close to Toukley

Ensuring early detection of any potential vision problems, a regular eye check-up for children holds significant importance. It is crucial to address eye disorders promptly as they can often persist as long-term health issues, impacting your child's development, learning abilities, and social experiences.

Whether you need sunglasses for fashion, sports, or everyday wear, our knowledgeable team at Complete Optometry will guide you in choosing the most suitable lens options to enhance your vision and eye comfort while reflecting your personal style.



We go above and beyond to offer you an extensive range of lens options that are tailored to suit your unique eye characteristics. Our dedicated contact lens consultations involve precise measurements to ensure the perfect fit and comfort of your chosen contact lenses.

At Complete Optometry, we offer comprehensive assessments for Glaucoma, Macula, and Cataracts to ensure the early detection and effective management of these eye conditions. Our dedicated team of professionals  evaluate the health of your eyes, including thorough examinations of the optic nerve for Glaucoma, macular evaluations for Macula-related issues, and comprehensive assessments for Cataracts.

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that can range in severity. Complete Optometry can provide you an accurate diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan so that this condition can be successfully managed.

Complete Optometry Services near Toukley

Delivering exceptional eye care services to the residents of Toukley is one of our main focuses. With a team of highly skilled optometrists  we offer a comprehensive range of services to fulfill all your eye care needs.

Principal Optometrist

Patricia Ranieri - Principal Optometrist

Principal Optometrist

Patrizia Ranieri

B.Optom (hons.) UNSW

Get to Know Us

Patrizia (Trish) Ranieri, a highly respected optometrist, is the principal optometrist at Complete Optometry Central Coast. Since joining in 2018, she has diligently served a diverse range of patients with expertise and dedication. Trish's appointment was a testament to her exceptional skills and qualifications, as she was chosen to support the previous practice owner, Optometrist Carl Emerton. With extensive experience and unwavering commitment, Trish has become a trusted professional within the Central Coast community consistently delivering exemplary eye care.

I was greeted with such a warmth from the beautiful lady at the front desk and she was so helpful in trying to get me seen as soon as they could. Very professional, she knew what the problem was straight away. I will be returning and recommending this local optometrist to everyone. Once again thank you ladies for all your help a massive 5 star here.

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