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Eye Tests & Examinations

An eye test with Complete Optometry Central Coast will assess your vision and eye health, allowing for early detection of any possible problems.

What to expect when you come for an eye test

Our Optometrist Trish Ranieri, will assess your ocular health, measure your vision, and recommend solutions and advise on ongoing maintenance of your vision and eye health.


Common conditions that are of concern including Macular degeneration, Cataract and Glaucoma as well as Dry Eye Disease will often be addressed in the consultation. There may be additional test procedures for comprehensive assessment of these and other conditions.

How we examine and test your eyes

A comprehensive eye examination involves assessing the correction of eyesight problems such as short-sightedness (myopia) longsightedness (hyperopia) and Astigmatism. The ocular structures at the front of the eye are assessed with a Slit lamp biomicroscope which can assess cataract  as well as dry eye conditions, foreign body injury and overall red irritated eyes and their root causes. An indispensable tool for an Optometrist.

The posterior eye exam is enhanced via Digital imaging with a Fundus Retinal Camera . This provides a detailed view of the Optic nerve, the macula, retina and blood vessels.


Testing you full field of vision and Fitness to Drive eye tests

Seeing well centrally is well covered in an examination but good sight also requires a full fieild of vision. Our Humphrey Visual Field Perimeter is used to assess central and peripheral vision in both quantity and quality. The Service NSW Fitness to Drive eye exam includes this assessment for your driver's licence eligibility.

Our Optometrist can complete your Fitness to Drive eye exam and report online directly  to Transport NSW. This is a requirement for all drivers once they turn 75 years of age and for any other driver with an eye condition.

I would give ten stars if I could! Trish the optometrist is a wonderful, attentive professional who is extremely thorough and able to offer different solutions to meet individual needs. Jennine has helped me multiple times in her role as optical dispenser to select the best frames - I dont even bother looking first because she gives the best advice! Trust this friendly local business with your family's eyes and wellbeing, you'll be glad you did!

Jacqueline Boyd

Patricia Ranieri - Principal Optometrist

Principal Optometrist

Patrizia Ranieri

B.Optom (hons.) UNSW

Book your eye test.

The best way to book your eye test is by giving us a call. If you are on a mobile phone simply click the number to call us.

Phone (02) 4352 1298

Alternatively contact us via the contact page below.

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