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Find out about the various contact lens options available and learn about the different types of lenses. Get insights into which type may be best for you based on your lifestyle and eye care needs. 

With the advent of modern technology, the joy and freedom of wearing prescription contact lenses is open to many more people now.

These need not replace glasses entirely but can be used as an adjunct for part-time and occasional wear, as well as for more full-time wearers. Generally, lenses are classified as:

prescription contact lenses

1) Soft Contact Lenses

Modern lens materials these days allow for predominantly disposable lenses that are used as one day single-use, or two week 14 days consecutive or over a period of time (up to 14 wears), or month-wear lenses providing 28 days of in eye use. All lenses require maintenance in disinfecting solution except for one day single-use lenses that are thrown away every day and a fresh lens inserted each time. Caring for lenses is no longer the arduous task of multiple solutions and procedures. A simple contact lens disinfecting solution (not saline) in a clean case between wears and a gentle rub before soaking will maintain them.

Silicon Hydrogel materials are increasingly more popular as they are more deposit resistant and provide high oxygen transmission to the eye, even under closed lids.

2) Hard contact Lenses or otherwise known as Rigid Gas Permeable lenses

These have been available for many years but are worn by a minority of the lens wearing population, usually chosen for correcting specific characteristics of their eye surface (eg. Keratoconus) or for particular prescription types.

prescription contact lenses

Common Questions

Will I be able to wear contact lenses for my prescription?

Contact lenses can correct the following:

  • Short-sightedness (Myopia) – Spherical Contact Lenses

  • Long-sightedness (Hyperiopia) – Spherical Contact Lenses

  • Astigmatism – Toric Contact Lenses

  • Presbyopia – Monovision or Multifocal Contact Lenses

It is best to discuss with your Optometrist if lens wear is appropriate and which type of lens will suit you best.

I wear Multifocal glasses – can I wear Contact lenses?

You can thank the Baby-boomers for this expanding area of corrective lenses as the market for Multifocal lenses has grown. Many options are available in the disposable lens format. These also come as one day single-use or 30-day wear lenses. These can be worn for special occasions, eg. a wedding event where spectacles may not be suitable for the occasion, for sporting activities, or also for more fulltime use.

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